Nanny Training Ofsted Voluntary Registration Bundle: 1 day Emergency Paediatric First Aid 6hr + Common Core Skills and Knowledge training


Two Courses One Price

What this bundle consists of:

1 day Common Core Skills training and 1 day Emergency Paediatric First Aid 6hrs 

About the Common Core Skills Course

  • Certified course mapped to OFSTED Registration.
  • Suitable to be presented to OFSTED as proof of your understanding of the Common Core Skills and Knowledge.
  • A starter course for anyone considering a career in childcare and for those who are already working as childcarers.
  • Taught in our virtual classroom via Zoom. We send you a unique login to join your class from a laptop, computer, tablet or phone*
  • You are assessed informally throughout the day by the highly experienced Trainer.

Want to add on DBS check? Here’s the link to add that to your shopping basket DBS

Conversational English: Due to the language of the assessment, it is recommended that learners have sufficient command of the English language in order to understand the assessment and to undertake the recommended assessment methods.

*as this is a one day course we recommend the laptop, computer or tablet as it is a bigger screen

Upon successful completion of your training course you will receive eCertificates – (OFSTED accepts eCertification). If you would also like a hard copy (at the end of successful training or at a later stage – click this link to purchase one 

About the Emergency Paediatric First Aid 6hr training course:

  • Choose your training date from a huge selection for this accredited, certificated ‘Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course Level 3’
  • Our Paediatric First Aid classes are held in Bow, London E3, which is easy to reach by tube.
  • Like a really useful add-on? Complete the 6-hour eLearning module before you come to the class, and you will gain a 12-hour L3 qualification which is suitable for both the OFSTED Voluntary and OFSTED Compulsory Registers and it only costs a few pounds more!

One-day Common Core Skills £65.00 + One-day Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course (suitable for Ofsted Voluntary registration) £88.00

Please note: The bundle is for the training of one student ie two students would need two bundles.




Common Core Skills dates

Training in our Virtual Classroom

Sunday 14.07.24

Thursday 18.07.24

Sunday 28.07.24

Friday 02.08.24

Thursday 08.08.24

Saturday 18.08.24

Thursday 22.08.24

Saturday 31.08.24

Wednesday 04.09.24

Sunday 15.08.24

Thursday 19.09.24

Friday 27.09.24

Saturday 05.10.24

Thursday 10.10.24

Sunday 20.10.24

Thursday 24.10.24

Saturday 02.11.24

Wednesday 06.11.24

Thursday 14.11.24

Saturday 23.11.24

Thursday 28.11.24

Sunday 08.12.24

Thursday 12.12.24

Thursday 19.12.24


Emergency Paediatric First Aid (6 hours/1 day)

Classes take place on Saturdays

13th July 2024

20th July 2024

27th July 2024

3rd August 2024

17th August 2024

24th August 2024

7th September 2024

14th September 2024

21st September 2024

28th September 2024

12th October 2024

19th October 2024

26th October 2024

9th November 2024

16th November 2024

30th November 2024

7th December 2024

14th December 2024


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