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first aid applied to small childfirst aid kit for paediatric first aid training courses

Nanny Training Best Price Ofsted Voluntary Registration Bundle £113.00: 1 day Nanny First Aid Training Emergency Paediatric First Aid + Common Core Skills training


Applying to join the Ofsted Voluntary Register?

Combines two courses for one great price!

Choose your Nanny First Aid training date from a huge selection for this accredited, certificated ‘Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course Level 3’

Riverside Cares Paediatric First Aid Classes are held in our Holborn Training Room which is easy to reach from Holborn Tube Station

ADD  1 day Common Core Skills training course giving you the perfect nanny combo.

Riverside Cares Common Core Skills training is taught in our easy to reach Docklands Training Room (10 mins walk from Canary Wharf and 3 mins walk from Westferry DLR)

Like a really useful add-on? Complete the 6 hour e-learning module before you come to the class and you will gain a 12 hour level 3 certificate which is suitable for both the voluntary and compulsory registers and it only costs a few pounds more


1 day Common Core Skills £58.25 + 1-day Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course (suitable for Ofsted Voluntary registration) £59.75

Full price £118.00

Training Bundle price £113.00

Saving £5.00

Choose your study dates from the selection below for each course:

Common Core Skills dates:

11.01.20     Saturday

25.01.20     Saturday

08.02.20     Saturday

22.02.20     Saturday

07.03.20     Saturday

21.03.20     Saturday

04.04.20     Saturday

18.04.20     Saturday

02.05.20     Saturday

16.05.20     Saturday

30.05.20     Saturday

13.06.20     Saturday

27.06.20     Saturday

11.07.20     Saturday

25.07.20     Saturday

08.08.20     Saturday

22.08.20     Saturday

05.09.20     Saturday

19.09.20     Saturday

26.09.20     Saturday

10.10.20     Saturday

24.10.20     Saturday

07.07.20     Saturday

21.11.20     Saturday

05.12.20     Saturday

Emergency Paediatric First Aid (6 hours):

19.01.20           Sunday

02.02.20           Sunday

15.02.20           Saturday

01.03.20           Sunday

14.03.20           Saturday

29.03.20           Sunday

05.04.20           Sunday

25.04.20           Saturday

17.05.20           Sunday

31.05.20           Sunday

13.06.20           Saturday

28.06.20           Sunday

05.07.20           Sunday

18.07.20           Saturday

02.08.20           Sunday

15.08.20           Saturday

06.09.20           Sunday

20.09.20           Sunday

11.10.20           Sunday

17.10.20           Saturday

01.11.20           Sunday

14.11.20           Saturday

29.11.20           Sunday

12.12.20           Saturday

Managing Challenging Behaviour Confidently: 75 Minute, Small Group Session


7.30pm -8.45pm February 20th 2020

Are you having to deal with challenging or difficult behaviour from your child or children you look after?

Let’s face it, every child has one of those moments when tempers flare which can quickly morph into them throwing, kicking or shouting.  In the midst of it, you can feel quite helpless and having the tools to react appropriately can be invaluable.  You can learn how to diffuse a situation and support a child to develop and gain the skills they need to regulate their behaviour.

We’ll be talking about effective strategies that you can use and how you feel when you are at the receiving end of the challenging behaviour, whether it is refusing to wear certain clothes or it is a full-blown tantrum. We’ll explore how you feel when the tantrum is in full flight and how you can help a child to regulate their behaviour.

This practical 75 minute, small group session looks at strategies you can adapt to promote positive behaviour in children aged one to eight years.

Baby Sitting Club Registration Fee (Includes First Baby Sitting Fees)


Want a night out? Need a competent friendly babysitter? Look no further……

This is a service which gives you access to professional, experienced, DBS (enhanced level) checked child-carers, all of whom have been interviewed in person and vetted. The service provides you with babysitters who can begin a session at your home from 6pm daily. If you need childcare at any other times we can provide you with a professional child carer throughout the day via Riverside Cares nanny supply service. Please contact us for more information about day care or visit our webpage.

Our service is available across most London postcodes.

Babysitters can be booked via our office team during business hours by email or phone or through our on line Book-a-Babysitter dedicated page. Bookings can be requested at any time convenient to you but please be mindful that bookings are processed by our expert team between 7.30 am and 4.30 pm Monday to Friday.