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TOGETHER WITH Paediatric First Aid 6 or 12 hr and Common Core Skills training   (link here to purchasing this as a bundle)

TOGETHER WITH Diploma in Home-based Care (link to course details)

TOGETHER WITH Diploma for the Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator) NCFE Level 3 qualification.

TOGETHER WITH Paediatric First Aid for a group in your setting (for example nursery group)

Why is a DBS necessary

Checking that the person you are going to leave your child with is suitable to work with children must be an essential element of your recruitment process. The Disclosure and Barring Check helps employers make safer recruitment decisions.

Why choose Riverside Training Company

We are a dedicated team who are here to support you during the application process, by phone or email. Our office team are available Monday to Friday, 10.00 to 4.00 when we can answer your emails and phone calls. Riverside Training Company and Riverside Cares have over 34 years of experience in Early Years of training and education. We are very familiar with the DBS process.

Want your own Enhanced DBS check carried out

If you would like a check carried out for your personal use we can carry out a check on your behalf. Nannies, Registered Childminders, Early Years professionals, babysitters, applying for an Ofsted Registration and carers for the elderly and those who would like to give peace of mind to employers and potential employers can apply in their own right with Riverside Training Company. You will also need to have evidence that they are permitted to work in the UK in line with government guidelines.


How the process works

You will receive a confirming email shortly after purchasing a DBS Check to Enhanced Level. It contains important information, including a link to fill out your Disclosure Consent Form. As soon as we receive your Consent Form, we can begin your DBS application process. We’ll check that it has all the information we require, and once that process is completed, we will send you a link to fill out your DBS Application Form.

Complete the application form carefully (we suggest mapping out your details before uploading them to or filling out the form). The information you upload must accurately reflect your current status. For example, you must note your current home address and place of birth correctly.

Confirming your ID 

Your DBS will be processed in our London office.

If you meet the Digital Verification criteria, you can upload some or all of your IDs onto your DBS application form. If this method fails, we must verify your documents in our London office by appointment during office hours.

Criteria to attempt Digital Verification:

The system requires a

UK passport together with a photocard driving licence, both valid and in-date

A passport from another country, valid and in date, together with a driving licence

A passport from another country, together with a biometric residence permit

UK driving licence, together with a biometric residence permit

Photocard driving licence and passport, both valid and in-date

If you are not a UK passport holder, you will be required to supply a Share Code to confirm your Right to Work in the UK

Your driving licence and all other identifying documents must contain your current home address

Tips for filling out your application form

Absolute accuracy is key. Your current address must be where you live now, and the identifying documents to back that up, such as your Driver’s Licence, must also contain your current home address. Where you were born must reflect what is on your valid passport. The answer to each question must accurately reflect your status.

What happens next 

Once you press the ‘Submit’ button on your application form, we will receive an alert that will inform us whether you passed Digital Verification or that we need to see your Identifying Documents in person. We will compare your Identifying Documents to your answers on the DBS Application Form. At this stage, if we notice small errors, for example, a letter wrong on your postcode or a missing flat number, we will contact you to request your consent to update the form. You may incur an extra charge if the discrepancies are more significant (such as incorrect country of birth information).

If you failed the Digital Verification and you do fit the criteria and want to try again, we can send you a new link. There will be a small charge to do this, and we will only recommend this if we feel that you might pass on the second attempt, i.e. your ‘selfie’ was not in good light, but everything else fitted the criteria). All documents presented must match the requirements of the ‘Identifying Documents’ list, for example, original hard copies within the required date range. It will be your choice if you choose to attempt Digital Verification again. We will always offer you the opportunity to visit our office to show your documents in person.

Showing your Identifying Documents in person 

If, for a variety of reasons you either do not pass Digital Verification OR you are not eligible to attempt it we will need to see your Identifying Documents in person, in our office, during office hours 10-4 Monday to Friday by appointment.

The in-person Manual Verification process is very fast. You show us all of your identifying documents, which we photograph. We compare and check the images and documents and hand them back to you. An extra charge of £7.50 will be incurred if any bank statement you present for Manual Verification, i.e. at our office when you attend an appointment, is not an original copy printed by the bank (and is not by you or someone else) or isn’t date stamped by the bank.  Unfortunately we cannot sign off and submit your application form without having seen the correct original hard copy documents (we cannot accept copies printed from the internet). A charge will be incurred if we have to arrange a second appointment at our offices. If you have any doubts about the ID you would like to present at your Manual Verification appointment, our team is available Monday to Friday, 10 am to 4 pm, to speak with you. Our ideal is that everything we see when we meet you is correct and meets the requirements and that we do not need to schedule or charge you for a second appointment.

Once the checking of your form is completed accurately, we will sign it and submit it to the DBS

At this point, we cannot make any further changes to your application form.

The time scale for supplying Riverside Training Company with all requested information to process your DBS:

We require completion of the DBS application process within six months of the date of purchasing a DBS Check; for example, if you purchase a DBS check on 1st March, you will need to complete your part of the process by 31st August. After the six-month window, you will need to repurchase the DBS check, as your current file will be closed. For the sake of clarity, this means you will need to have completed a consent to view your documents form, filled out the online DBS application form you will be sent and produced the correct identifying documents.





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