Managing Challenging Behaviour Confidently: 75 Minute, Small Group Session For Parents and At-Home Childcarers


Thursday 15 November 2018

10.45am to 12.00pm

Are you having to deal with challenging or difficult behaviour from your child or children you look after?

Let’s face it, every child has one of those moments when tempers flare which can quickly morph into them throwing, kicking or shouting.  In the midst of it, you can feel quite helpless and having the tools to react appropriately can be invaluable.  You can learn how to diffuse a situation and support a child to develop and gain the skills they need to regulate their behaviour.

We’ll be talking about effective strategies that you can use and how you feel when you are at the receiving end of the challenging behaviour, whether it is refusing to wear certain clothes or it is a full-blown tantrum. We’ll explore how you feel when the tantrum is in full flight and how you can help a child to regulate their behaviour.

This practical 75 minute, small group session looks at strategies you can adapt to promote positive behaviour in children aged one to eight years.


crying child how to manage challenging behaviour

Taking a deep dive together with the trainer you will learn:

The basics of why a child may be acting out

How to spot the signs in advance

Develop strategies to confidently, consistently and effectively diffuse or manage a challenging situation

Understand how to create a behaviour plan for individual children

How to adapt your approach next time a situation occurs

 Ways to avoid shouting and the cycle of escalating threats

We’ll discuss how an incident impacts on the childcarer and how to manage stressful situations. If you employed as a childcarer you will be shown how to report about an incident.

The session has been designed with parents seeking strategies for their own child and for nannies, au pairs,childminders, family members and babysitters.


Led by one of Riverside Cares experts, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn in a session tailored to your group’s requirements.

Did you know that this session can also be delivered as a tailor-made course in your setting, contact the Riverside Cares team for more details about group prices and dates options.




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