Safeguarding Training: Introductory, Refresher, Intermediary or Advanced 3 hours Virtual Training by Zoom


This interactive course is taught by zoom at a time and on a day that best suits your organisation/setting / group of learners

Choose the level of training the group requires from: Introductory, Refresher, Intermediary or Advanced

Your group will benefit from learning ‘in person by zoom’ with a highly experienced tutor who will teach and give many opportunities for learners to ask questions

Assessment is carried out informally during the training.

What the training session will cover:

Introductory, Refresher (2 hours)

1-10 people £240.00 (£24.00 per person) extra attendees £20 per person

The courses meets all the recommendations for Welfare and Safeguarding made in the EYFS 2021 and is suitable for you if you:

Work with children in any context including

  • Work in the Early Years Sector as an assistant
  • Work as a Midday Supervisor
  • Run or work in ‘Out of School’ groups
  • Work in a family home
  • Work as non-teaching staff in a school
  • Work as a tutor

The session covers

  • Introduction to safeguarding
  • Key legislation and guidance underpinning safeguarding
  • Definitions of significant harm, abuse and neglect
  • Signs and indicators of abuse
  • Risk factors
  • The role and main responsibilities of the early years worker
  • Responding to a disclosure
  • Procedures to follow if you have a concern
  • Documentation and sharing of information
  • Prevent duty

Intermediary Safeguarding ( 3 hours)

Suitable for:

  • Learners wanting to know more about safeguarding
  • Early years staff
  • Childminders
  • Teachers

1-10 people £300.00 (£30.00 per person) extra attendees £25 per person

The session covers all the above plus:

  • Reflecting on your own values and how these can impact on professional practise
  • Learning from serious case reviews about parenting and family factors which can impact on children
  • Identifying further types of abuse e.g. Sexual and criminal exploitation, Cyberbullying, FGM etc..
  • Reflection on how staff can protect themselves from allegations of abuse
  • Recognising warning signs in the behaviour of adults working in a childcare setting and whistleblowing
  • What happens after a referral is made

Advanced safeguarding (4 Hours) Designated Safeguarding Lead

Suitable for:

  • Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Managers in early years settings and schools
  • Person responsible for providing support to families, staff, and others in your organisation where their are safeguarding concerns.

All the above plus:

1-10 people £350.00 (£35.00 per person) extra attendees £25 per person

  • Legislation and guidance supporting safeguarding in settings
  • Role of the designated safeguarding lead
  • Working with Parents when you have a concern
  • Early help assessment tools
  • Working in partnership with other professionals



A dedicated session taught to your group by zoom. Choose from four levels, if you are unsure which best suits a member of our team will discuss options. The group will be given a dedicated login exclusive to your group.


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