Baby-led weaning a guide to How, What and When

Do you know how to recognise when your baby is ready for solid foods, and when to leave a solely puree diet behind? When is it the right time to start weaning?  The session led by Jill Wheatcroft, Lecturer in Child Health will look at which foods at which stage, and why some should be avoided.  You will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of baby-led weaning, how it works and how it differs from the so called ‘traditional’ method of feeding children solids. The session will also explore how to encourage your child to experiment with various foods and there’ll be time for informal discussions about favourite recipes for weaning and your questions.

This session is part of our Feed your Children Well programme which supports developing positive eating habits.

Babies are welcome at this session.



This 75 minute session is part of a series of short sessions on wide ranging topics designed for parents, parents-to-be, partners, families and child carers, offered during the day, in the evening, at the weekend or after work.


Moving babies from just milk to solids.  Have you been wondering when might be the best time to start. How do you read the signs to know when a baby is ready. What are the best foods to start with. We’ll be talking about whether there is an advantage to the baby-led weaning approach, and we will explore how to encourage your baby to experiment with new foods and how to move on from puree to solids.

This is a great opportunity to share, learn, laugh and discuss weaning babies, discover useful tips and gain sound advice. We can add on the bonus of having your baby weighed if you like at the end of the session.

Designed to enable you to learn together with friends, family and child-carers who you may be leaving your child with. Led by Riverside Cares expert Jill Wheatcroft or one of her team, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn in a session tailored to your groups requirements. Date and location are mutually agreed to give you the best possible experience. This session can be delivered in a family home, community centre or setting, if you do not have access to a suitable location we can help find one with you.

£75.00 for up to 5 participants 

For groups of more than 5 participants up to a maximum of 12, add on £10 per person to the core price

All participants will get a £5 ‘Thank-You’ voucher to use towards another session.

We can teach larger groups, we’ll just need to work with you to make sure that we accomodate the needs of a wider audience. Our team frequently teach nursery and school groups and we would be happy to work with your local Early Years setting too.

Want to add another Riverside Cares Parenting Session to your event? Our bespoke sessions mean we can mix and match a selection of sessions of your choice mapped to your requirements.


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