Infant to preschool Nutrition: Setting your child up for a healthy approach to food FREE ZOOM SESSION

Are you trying to interpret the findings from Public Health England to ensure that you are not setting your child up for a life of obesity? Recent studies have shown the frightening level that sugar loaded and fat loaded snacks are informing children’s diets.

Finding the balance and finding a way to tweak a diet to make it healthier can sometimes take a very small number of steps. Join us for a small intimate session with friends, work colleagues or family to learn about children’s dietary needs and requirements and how you can help set your child up for a healthy approach to food in adulthood.

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Course Contents

  • Dietary requirements of infants and preschool children
  • Looking at the different food groups and their function in the body
  • Understanding how food preferences are established
  • Open forum to share ideas and even recipes

This 75 minute session has been designed to enable you to learn together with friends, family and child-carers who you may be leaving your child with. Led by one of Riverside Cares experts, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn in a session tailored to your groups requirements. Date and location are mutually agreed to give you the best possible experience.

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