Parenting Know-how: Bitesized session


You may already know how popular our private ‘at-home’ or with your community, parenting know how sessions are. Led by our expert team each session is brimming over with useful advice & tips all underpinned with sound knowledge. And yes children are definately welcome and won’t be added in the numbers:)

Click on each session for details of each individual session and choose one or hey why not choose more and enjoy!



30-minute bite-sized parenting sessions: 


Choose from this popular selection, each 30-minute block is charged at £75 for up to 5 attendees

Baby bath plus

Potty Training 101

Baby Talk

Baby led weaning

Understanding how your child is developing

Sleeping patterns

Next steps

This price is based on up to 5 people attending – there will be an incurred cost if they are extra participants. Dependent on your location we may need to make a small charge to reflect travel


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