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coloured bricks suitable for a nursery

Starting a Nursery Business: The Manager’s Know-How Bundle (Training for 3 people)

£539.00 £450.00

Starting from Scratch?

The qualifications required to own a Nursery depends on how involved you would like to be on a day to day basis, whether you see yourself as a business manager or actively involved, very hands on and counted as one of the qualified staff or the most senior person in the nursery. Either way it makes bags of sense to be able to step in if there is an unexpected emergency, ensuring the setting alway complies with Ofsted registration requirements.

Our Managers Bundle comprises:

Training for you plus two! Training three senior staff members

Food Hygiene Training  1 Day Course accredited course  £225 (£75 pp)

Paediatric First Aid Training 12 Hours suitable for the Ofsted Compulsory Register: Blended Learning (6 hours on line by E-Learning plus one practical training classroom) £204 (£68 pp)

Child Protection/ Safeguarding Level 1 & 2 Combined Training 3 Hours £150 (£50pp)

Full Price £579    Bundle Price £539   Saving you £40